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Priscilla's Queen Of What's In My Cup

I have a friend who kept me sane during highly stressful times like when my roommate would disappear for days or my job was threatening to fire me and when I felt inadequate compared to my career pears. I vented to no one. When I did, it as to the wrong people and they used it against me. Priscilla kept my head up. She gave me the encouragement, affirmation, and words I needed to hear because NO ONE ELSE WAS. Long-story-short and to put the icing on the cake, she could tell I was heavily stressed. At the time, I didn't see the world with any spiritual value but she knew how deep my mind went and so this Arise flame didn't give up on me.

She introduced me to something that had changed my perspective on life, effectively adding a parameter to my logic base. Priscilla made the biggest contribution to how I view the world today and she may not even know it. (If only she read this 😜) Where am I going with this, you may ask. Well, let me tell you. She got me into tarot card readings. The readings had been so accurate for me, I'd sometime witness predicted events happening in real-time. Who are predictors? They are called "Tarot Readers", but since I have a video background, I call them "Card readers". Ba-Dum-Pss! Each card holds meaning.

Temperance, The Devil, Ten of Cups, Nine of Cups, Eight of Cups, etc. The project I'm planning on doing is making a series of photos that resemble all the tarot cards.

So far, some of my work has resembled tarot unintentionally, like the following below.

Title: Queen Of What's In My Cup

Queen Of What's In My Cup

The title is a play on words from the actual tarot card titled "Queen Of Cups". Priscilla is an Arise woman who wants to show you the world by putting you inside yourself. If we were in her world, she would be able to heal military battle wounds by asking"how are you doing?" and every question that most people won't care to ask. You only build a skill like that if you've visited hell to fully appreciate the heaven you're currently in now or the one she will lead you to.

According to the meaning behind Queen Of Cups is the following description.

"Sensitivity and an affectionate nature are traditionally associated with the Queen of Cups, who is the emotionally open balance to the King. Despite her open nature, you will still find her influence to be largely passive. Particularly for men, her presence is a reminder to stay in touch with the emotional aspects of their character. You should take her presence a gentle hand seeking to show you the power of your own inner aspects, whose power may be obscured by their quiet nature."

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