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Be Yourself and No One Else

Story: A young woman struggles with the stereotypes and distractions of today's society, simply trying to find a way to break free to be herself and no one else.

Director: Raymond Knudsen


Cinematography: Erik Lucatero


Editor: Jesse J. Miller

*First Place Commercial/PSA at the 20th Annual Palm Beach International Film Festival: Student Showcase of Films


*Best College Public Service Video at the 3rd Annual Student Art Festival


Story: Will the inspiring words from a class's powerful teacher bring them on the rise to success? For Mike, will an encountered monumental and unbelievable phenomenon put him on track to reach his dreams through the help of following a simple word known as, "Resiliency"?

*First Place at 2012 G-Short Film Competition

Director: Raymond Knudsen


Cinematography: Wally Aime, Fernando Sanchez


Editor: Wally Aime


Story: Clean follows the intense story of Nick and his cocaine addiction. His best friend, Sam, intervenes and puts him on the right track to becoming 'clean'. 


Can Nick follow the right path of life, or will the addiction rise to the occasion and take him back in?

*Awarded Best Short Narrative at The Fort Lauderdale Film Festival: International High School Competition


*Official Selection at the 4th Annual L-Dub Film Festival

Director: Raymond Knudsen


Cinematography: Wally Aime, Fernando Sanchez


Editor: Wally Aime, Fernando Sanchez


Story: A girl spend her time, dancing alone in the forest

Director: Erik Lucatero


Cinematography: Erik Lucatero


Editor: Erik Lucatero

Blind Senses

Story: A young teen who is reminiscing in the beauty of sight with his memories he could once see.

Director: Jesse J. Miller


Cinematography: Eli Dreyfuss


Editor: Jesse J. Miller

*2015 Scholastics Gold Key*

*2nd Place at G-Shorts Film Competition at G-Star School of the Arts*


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