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2016 Do The Write Thing Challenge

The Do the Write Thing Challenge gives middle school students an opportunity to examine the impact of youth violence on their lives. Through classroom discussions and writings, students communicate what they think should be done to reduce youth violence.

Palm Beach Community Tribute

The Palm Beach Foundation hosted - The Palm Beach Naturally event, March 19, 2016 at The Mar-a-Lago Club, for: The Palm Beach Public School Orchestral Strings and the Everglades Foundation.

BMW i3 opening: West Palm Beach, FL

M2G, aka 2DJS, One Violin, make their way to the BMWi3 opening with their futuristic style complementing showcasing BMW's futuristic car.

Ballroom Dance Fitness

A large scale commercial teaching you how to use classic ballroom dance as a fitness method.

M2G performance at the Fort Lauderdale Blue Martini

With their classic violin style of sound and the hype vibe of EDM and house, M2G make a great show for people of almost any kind.

The first annual show of Akademia Dance School

Preparation leading up to the first annual dance show for all the proud parents.

Off The Hookah Appearance

M2G has done many shows and this one is one to remember. There's none like them. It's rare to find 2DJS with 1 violin. That's something worth watching.

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