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Updated: Mar 6, 2020

I don't know about you but auto focus is great and I'd use that over manual focus any chance I get. I don't know what it is about chronic manual focus users. They'd die on the hill that it's better. Every PL-Mount lenses I've used was always manual focus. In bigger productions, I would pull focus with a Nucleus and have a second guy manning the Ronin. Since two brains are independent, we may not be on the same page from time to time.

Drew Lager

We've all been in that position where the focus puller and the jib-operator aren't in sync. This slows production down. I just want to point my camera and trust that it's in focus and that's what Canon is perfecting in cinema cameras. When Canon is providing the best user experience in the cinema market, everything else is great. I don't care if I can't do 120fps in 4K on the C100 Mark II, if it's is not in focus it's not usable. I can quickly get to my settings, not have to pull focus and have great color science. Yes, I know about the corporate overlords who exclude features from their lower-end cameras to guide you to their cinema cameras but you're not gonna know if I used a 1DX or a C200 if you're enjoying the content.

This is why I appreciate what BMD (Blackmagic Design) is doing. Problem with them is that they don't have duel pixel-autofocus. Canon found a great reason for me to stay with them. I'm not afraid to admit I'm a fan-boy for Canon. I just don't see any good enough reason to leave because the lenses I've purchased are already comparable and I'm not about to drive myself crazy by going through the process of buying and selling. I don't want to have to use an adapter because I don't want to sacrifice autofocus performance. If I ever use an adapter, would be the EF to R-mount adapter. I lose no autofocus speeds or functionality.

Again I want to let all the manual focus guys know that I’m not abandoning manual focus. It’s needed in some cases. But if in most cases, I don’t need it especially if I’m moving dynamically through all axis, I want auto focus.

I When an object is dynamically moving with in the Z-axis focus would be difficult and a time waster.

When an object is dynamically moving with in the Z-axis at some speeds (especially separately) I be difficult to focus. So why put that on me? We made AI and automation to do tings for us so we don't have to. Lets use it!

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