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Female MC Dolly Dmplz Emerges from Lancaster South Carolina.

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

She checks all the boxes for her to catch our attention. Body, smile and productivity is all I need. Will she fit the format?

Below is one of Dolly's tracks.

There's very little we know about Dolly Dmplz, but at first glance her body is stunting. She's got one of those super hero names like Peter Parker, Lois Lane or Bruce Banner. She reminds me of a cute AF Harley Quin from the DC Universe. Just look at that face on her Instagram post rocking out to Chance the rapper's "Hot Shower, Hot Water". She really is a doll.

Dolly is signed to Piscapo Music, a record label based in Opa Loca Florida.

Her name is pronounced Dolly Dimples but spelled Dolly Dmplz. There are two Dolly Dimples in Florida and this one isn't the 70 year old diet expert in Orlando.

From what we know now, she's from Lancaster South Carolina and may be associated with the South Florida based network called "The Goldmighne". The Goldmighne is at it's infancy stage right now but the Goldmighne is a "Genius-centric" show about south Florida artists of all genres. There is where we may have our questions answered. Since we don't have those answers, we can only speculate and ask questions based on what we know and from some trusted sources.

Raiden Ru$h and Dolly Dmplz set to release a track in October as well as a music video titled "Fortune Cookie". We had an exclusive pass to go behind scenes to look around. Ru$h and Dmplz's collaboration may be the beginning. There's much to do to see her make a significant ripple and from the looks of it, she's on track.


She's on a roll. Seems like it's shoot after shoot. I've seen similar patters of this work ethic from artist like Raiden, Cam Airborne and Bruno Mali. Dolly is really cooing something big and it's on faltering levels. Choreography and location reservation are signs of big planning.

Will it get to her head?

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