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How To Pay Invoices

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

We send out invoices but we notice that folks seem to bypass the "Pay Invoice" bouton and ask for a Cashapp screen name, Zelle info, PayPal info, Apple/Google Pay ect. There are so many different payment options out there and it makes it difficult for us to keep track of where and when they are paid.

We might use different payment options to do payouts to models, actors and crew but when paying our company, please use the invoice ONLY.

Step One: The Click!

Here is an example of how our invoice looks. At the top of the invoice is the blue "pay Invoice" bouton. Click this.

Step Two: Selecting a Payment Option

Once you've clicked the "Pay Invoice" bouton, this screen will appear. This screen will allow you to choose three payment options.

  • Credit/Debit Cards

  • We no longer accept AliPay

  • PayPal

Fill out your information or login to your preferred payment method via the invoice and click "Buy Now". That completes your payment.

Please, don't bypass our invoice. It confuses us and our systems will still think you owe us.

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