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lolo Zouaï - Exactly Where Music Should Be Going

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

lolo Zouaï, Caffeine, brakedown
Lolo laying on top of the Caffeine-mobile

DOB: March 5th, 1996 Genre: R&B Origin: Raised in San Francisco, California - Born in Paris, France. Label: RCA Sign: Pieces

Not gonna lie... I'm crushing hard on this French-American-Algerian girl. "Alfrenchican" Every frame of this video was dope. Let's talk about the green accents and the french cinematic style.

Literally, it's the french new, NEW wave.

According to ClashMusic Lolo and her producer Stelios Phili was making music drinking their favorite caffeinated green tea. Lolo's Caffeine was born.

I found out about her through my friend Jenna, she was in LA and came back with what I thought was well presented. I immediately pulled out my phone to have Google assistant find the song. I listed to her album twice over a day.

I posted it to my Instagram stories and my friend Marquise hit me up in IG and told me he met her. Marquise does photos for lots of up and coming celebs.

Also, I was so interesting in the lyrics that I took to and put in my 2 cents in what I thought her lyrics could mean.

The lines that I loved where

"French Vanilla drippin' in your cup" "I turn you up, caffeine"

Lolo was born in Paris, France, hence the line, “French Vanilla”. Lolo is metaphorically using French Vanilla as a symbol of herself. Lolo is also using caffeine’s notorious energizing effects as a way of signifying how aroused and happy she can make someone.

As we metaphorically drink Lolo, a 1 to 1 interpretation (being as intuitive as I can) could sound like: “My French body in your mouth will make you happy.”

Now, once she gets interviewed by Genius' staff members, I could be wrong about this whole interpretation. I sort of can't wait to be wrong but I feel like I'm real close.

She's also a Pieces According to Kerry Ward of Cosmopolitan Magazine

To me, that sounds like a well rounded person.

Support her by purchasing tickets; below is her site where you can listen and watch the rest of her material.

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