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Odysee: The new kid on the Blockchain

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

If you'd like to support me, make an Odysee channel and start uploading there.

Looks like YouTube has finally got some competition. For the ones that are aware of what's going on in the content creator community, we know that we've been given strikes not only on YouTube but Instagram too. Without notice, Instagram had taken down accounts for stupid reasons. Years building relationships with sponsors... deleted.

There's a new kid on the block and they use blockchain technology to make it harder to pop a channel out of existence. Odysee is going to be the new YouTube and it's already filled with content creators that is already making the transition.

Why is YouTube banning so much?

Right now YouTube and other platforms alike need content creators to make way for the billionaire companies like Disney, Starz, ABC, MSNBC and other legacy networks. Content creators would get more views than some major legacy TV networks. It seems that the TV networks have a dilemma and it's losing their viewership to independent content creators. Content creators are using other platforms like Odysee as a way to back up their videos but it's projected to be a big competitor especially once Odysee unleashes their live streaming feature. YouTube seems to not care about the freedom of content creators.


I think YouTube suppressing us is a way to chokehold the controversial-topic category so that it's all funneled to legacy media outlets. This is almost like a job security strategy. News anchors and the team behind the research could become content creators effectively diminishing institutions. Steven Crowder and Gavin McGinnis are 2 examples of people who use to work for legacy media companies but left and created their own outlet.

If you watch YouTube like I do, you got rid of cable because you could watch and support your content creators the way you see fit.


YouTube's interface has a lot more noise but gives the user more options and features like History and Watch Later. There are YouTube Originals and helpful Cards with links.


Odysee's user interface also looks a lot cleaner right now but we'll keep track if it stays that way. Right now, it's lacking some convenient features like its sibling LBRY but it's in the middle of the beginning of its existence. So we have a lot to gain in the future. Right now it's the biggest blockchain media platform in the world and is only growing.


LBRY is identical to Odysee but with some slight differences. It comes with fewer features like levels, and other categories like Finance 2.0, Movies and Wild West. It is also a desktop application so that it can remain unbannable from the internet. In a way, it's a browser for videos, articles, music and even games.

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