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Random Things I Notice 09/30/2021

About my self

I think I have "Resting Bord Face". It's not the same as "Resting B!+ch Face", that's different. When I exhibit any emotion my face doesn't respond to the emotion as exaggerated as I'd see others do it. It makes sense as to why my ex-girlfriend thought I was a lowkey psychopath. It's to the point where (in high school), I had to learn to fake emotional amplitudes because people were expecting to see a facial language I just didn't naturally exhibit. People think I'm unimpressed, uninterested or generally unaware. I get emotionally drained at the end of the day and resort to logical thinking.

In this photo, I'm happy. You just can't tell to well. Luckily, I'm not the only one with resting bord face.

Famous Resting Board Faces

rocks RBF very well. The characters he'd play would be stoic, noble or enigma. It's not a talent to have RBF but It's a talent to create emotional responses with your face when you don't want to. It's almost like an obligation or else you'd get into trouble. I definitely feel emotions and they are as intense or as mild as anyone else. I don't want people to think was never feeling those emotions but maybe I want them to know that I may have been exaggerating the face part to fit in. I smile, I frown, I get surprised it's hard to tell by my face. It's almost as if someone has turned down all expressions to 12%.

There are some things that get me naturally excited with full expressions like a normal person. Crypto, new tech, conspiracy theories or digital media creation will cure the RBF for a moment.

He does it well. I think he played the best super villain in Heros. The best of all time. I also genuinely think he played the best Vulcan. Of course, they cast him as a Vulcan. If you don't know what a Vulcan is, according to WikiFandom

"Vulcans, or sometimes Vulcanians, are a humanoid species in the fictional Star Trekuniverse who evolved on the planet Vulcan, and are noted for their attempt to live by reason and logic with no interference from emotion."

It's not a coincidence. RBF came in handy.

Some may say she has Resting B!+ch face because it's really easy to mix resting Board Face with Restin B!+ch Face. See... just because it's on a woman doesn't mean it's resting B!+ch face. It's still Resting Board Face but on a woman. It's actually rare to find an actual Resting B!+ch Face. We aren't sad or angry. It just takes more effort to show the emotion we feel on our faces. We've dealt with it for so long (ever since we were kids) that we've become emotionally drained or fatigued to where less and less effort is given in each emotional facial expression which results in a face that doesn't move much.

Are we being fake? Yes and no... Let me explain.


We don't naturally have the will within us to make a big facial expression so we'll take exaggerate the facial expression to sell you a bigger response than we'd naturally do. This levels out to what a normal person would call a "normal response". It's similar to that super quiet kid in class who you always had to ask to speak up, except it's with our face. We don't actually feel like it.


The feelings we are feeling are real. We simply make them bigger because we'd hate for you to think we don't care. We sometimes get trapped in a loop. The loop would start out as us making an effort to be the "real me" but when we do, It looks like we don't care. the benefit for us is that we arn't as emotionaly dreind at the end of a conversation. If they see our blank face and respond negatively to it, we shift to being a little more exaggerated in our face because we care what you think.

If you're reading this maybe you have a friend who has Resting Board Face.

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