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The Making of OW's Gen II Gaming Chair Commercial

Making a minute commercial about the capabilities of a modular gaming chair is going to need some planning. This blog is about my creation of OpenWheeler's second generation modular gaming chair.

It all started with a song I played wile editing photos for Openwheeler's listing on Amazon. Freak by Zac Waters. Demi, the creator of the brand bolted out of his office and asked me... "what's the name of this song?!" That's when I knew it was a perfect song for the launch of the OW-Gen II. I first educated myself on the ins and outs of what the chair can do and made an amazon list of what we needed.

  1. Astera Tube Lights

  2. Aperture 120D (3x)

  3. Lights stands (3x)

  4. Red Gemini

  5. Sand Bags

  6. Soft boxes

  7. Black cloth

  8. Ronin 2

  9. Clamps

  10. Lenses

  11. Actor

  12. Gels

  13. Lat but not least, the plan.

(Obviously not in any order)


Unsentimental order
Openwheeler Gen II story board

Below is a collage of shots, lighting angles and camera movements I want to execute. I took inspiration from a well known YouTuber (Danial Schffer). He made a commercial for a pizza place called PI CO. and that video has lots of trendy 2019 themes I wanted to implement in SimFab's Openwheeler commercial.

I came across some loves and pains during production. One love I have about it is that my story bored concept translated well with the mini video I shot using my Pixel 3XL. I gathered different sounds from the internet to make a


Testing out my shots

I made a video that would effectively be a blue print to how the product would be showcased. Don't laugh but I literally used what ever was around me to create the lighting and look I wanted.

Below is the result


Gear I used

Phill the pill pen

Music: Freak by Zac Waters

Camera: Pixel 3XL

Light: Pixel

Gaffer's tape

Prop: Pill shaped pen

Prop: Sticky notes

Prop: Wingnut

Prop: Screw

Yes, the little pill-shaped thing (I named Phil) is a pen. It doesn't immediately look like a pen. Phil will be played by a good friend of mine, Dane Leporge.

Something horrible happened during this whole thing. Our hard drive failed. I looked everywhere for how to fix the issue. Our last resort was a lab in Canada. We called them up but It was going to be a pretty penny. It may have been about 3000.00 to recover This happened the day we were going to back it up.

I did some test exports and found a pretty polished version in my Adobe Creative Cloud Files. We made it! Now, I'm tasked with making some grate Openwheeler content for the fans. I'm exited.

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